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QTPOC Do-It-Yourself Filmmaking Workshop

CaribbeanTales International Film Festival and the Toronto Queer Film Festival are partnering with Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) to hold a FREE Filmmaking Workshop for aspiring and emerging QTPOC filmmakers. This workshop (which is open to up to 20 people and is registration only) is for Black CAP members as well as others in the community. In order to register submit the following: 1. Your name. 2. A 100+ word summary of a project you would like to make into a short film (you don’t have to know how to make it, just have to have in your head an idea you’d like made into a short film). 3. Your experience in filmmaking. This can be none. Email your registration to: This is a REGISTRATION process, not an applicaiton process. All who register (up to 20 people) will be accepted. If you register and then realise you cannot attend, please let us know so we can open up that spot to someone else! If you have questions you can email: as well! NOTE: Please understand that this workshop is only open to people who identify as POC and LGBTQI2SA+. Thank you!

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