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New Releases: A Thriller, a Comedy & an Immigration Tale


Director: KARINE GAMA Guadeloupe | 2010 | Short Thriller | French w/ English Subtitles

Trou d'air still

Trou d'airShe encounters a thief, while experiencing an anxiety attack…. Soah is a former flight attendant who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorders. While experiencing one of her anxiety attacks, a thief comes into her world. The cast includes choreographer and dance teacher Kenounjah Nedelkovski and Pascal Boulère (a.k.a. Darkman). Singer and actor Boulère is also known for his work in Jean-Claude Barny’s Neg marron and Mariette Monpierre’s Le bonheur d’Elza. In 2010, Trou d’air (Turbulence) was chosen for the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival as well as at the Caribbean Film Corner in London. Hailing from Guadeloupe, this film was directed by Karine Gama and produced by Nina Vilus for Art & Vision Productions. The film, which was shot in less than 24 hours and edited in 72, has received positive responses.


Director: CHUKS NWANESI USA | 2010 | Comedic Short | 15 mins | English

A Man, a Woman, a Genie, a Gun still

A Man, a Woman, a Genie, a Gun

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Comedy ensues when a man and wife with a gun run into a gentle genie…. While driving through a bad neighbourhood, a man and a woman realize that they are lost. The woman panics and whips out a handgun. The gun goes off and shoots through the window of a nearby house. Someone yells out from inside the house. The man and woman stop, check it out, see a genie in the house, and the comedy ensues. A Man, a Woman, a Genie, a Gun has received a lot of attention from various film festivals, including Cannes and the NYC Downtown fest, and features Godfrey (comedian from Soul Plane, MTV) and Lou Martini (The Sopranos).


Director: PETER SAGNIA St. Maarten | 2011 | Drama | English | 14A

Antillean Green Card still

Antillean Green CardPaths cross daily. Some encounters are casual. Others have serious, life-changing implications…. Antillean Green Card (a.k.a. Troubled Waters) is the story about Charlene Walker, a young woman who flees Holland to seek refuge in St. Maarten in order to get away from her abusive husband. An anxious Charlene is unaware that the law has changed for Holland citizens since the island obtained country status, and she finds herself stranded at the airport. The chief immigration officer, Jeff Hopkins, a man of integrity and exemplary service is torn between the new law and whether to help this woman he doesn’t even know. He encounters Charlene on the anniversary of his wife’s death. Jeff wants to move on with his life with his daughter, and Charlene will do whatever it takes to remain on St. Maarten. However, Jeff finds out that there are people in his own department who are secretly plotting his demise. Visit ctwdfilms ? our YouTube channel — featuring over 60 trailers and film clips to offer you a sampling of our eclectic roster of rich Caribbean cinema.

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