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New Job Opening at CaribbeanTales Media Group

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General Overview:

The Executive Assistant and Fundraising Coordinator will work directly with the CEO and the Direct Manager, undertaking a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities in different areas, in order to provide  administrative support and scheduling assistance, as needed. 

The incumbent will know and understand the structure of the Company and its interrelated departmental organization. Superior writing and project coordination skills are essential. Knowledge of grant requirements for the not-for-profit sector is an asset. The incumbent must be able to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment, with strong team-based skills — along with the ability to work well independently.

Specific Tasks: 

Administrative Coordination:

  • General maintenance of the Company Calendar and the CEO Calendar.
  • Attendance at the Daily Manager Meeting and other meetings, as requested by the CEO and/or the direct Manager.
  • Attend/Transcribe Meetings, as required.
  • Communicate with internal staff on a daily basis.
  • Monitor/respond to incoming email/inter-company communications.
  • File management, research, referencing of documents in the company drive.
  • Daily check-in with the CEO/Direct Manager.
  • Accountable for completing daily activities/goals to ensure day-to-day efficiency.

Fundraising Coordinator:

  • Attend the weekly Fundraising Meeting, as requested by the CEO and/or Direct Manager.
  • Maintain an up-to-date Calendar of Funding Deadlines.
  • Research, prioritize, and support key staff to write grant proposals, to Governmental, Non-Profit and Private Sector Organizations and Donors  – this requires persuasively communicating the organization’s mission and programs to potential funders, drawing on previously successful funding applications and templates compiled by the Company with direct support from the Fundraising Manager/Direct Manager/CEO.
  • Manage supplemental material, assemble and submit grant proposals with the support of the Fundraising Manager/Direct Manager/CEO.
  • Assist in establishing and maintaining relationships with funding contacts, as required and necessary.

If you’re interested in the position, please contact the CaribbeanTales Operation Team at

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