The CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF) 2018 will be held next month in Toronto, Canada and Redmangoreviews will be giving you dear reader a sneak peak into a few of the films. For our article today we will be checking one of the short films to be featured.

Photo 1 Accidentals_Promo_Still__COLOUR_VERSIONIn Natalie Novak’s short drama Accidentals Darryl (Kevin Hanchard) helps his estranged daughter Sydney (Aisha Evelyna) move and on that road trip they interrogate the changing lanes of their dysfunctional lives and fractured relationship. Mostly set in Darryl’s truck the tight location heightens the various scenes of humour, tension and outbursts of emotion.

You are likely to recognise Hanchard as the veteran thespian has been in a number of TV series (Orphan Black, Wynonna Earp, The Expanse, Suits) and is one of those “hey it’s that guy” actors.  Hanchard brings a likability and fragility to the character that is resonant and affecting. He has a brilliant and awkward chemistry with Evelyna (also the film’s writer) and you believe these two are a father and daughter whose relationship has hit some bumps on the road. Accidentals is 11 minutes but in that time you feel like you have had a feature-length experience and that is thanks to a no frills directing approach by Novak and some pitch-perfect performances by the two leads.

Accidentals and a number of other great films can be viewed at CTFF2018 which is being held from September 5-20 in Toronto, Canada. For tickets and further information on the CTFF click here.

And for a look at some of the other shorts being featured at CTFF2018 you can click here.