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Juneteenth: Movies to Watch! Now Streaming

CaribbeanTales is celebrating Juneteenth by supporting Black filmmakers and stories that honour Black joy and greatness. We have personally curated Black-made films that span various genres and decades for you and your family to enjoy this Juneteenth Weekend!

Hero: The Extraordinary Life of Mr. Ulric Cross

Directed by Frances-Anne Solomon

The story of Trinidad-born Ulric Cross, who became the RAF’s most decorated West Indian airman of WWII. His life took a dramatically different course when he followed the call of history and joined the Pan African independence movements sweeping the world in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Watch in the US: Amazon Prime US
Watch in Canada: Cineplex Canada
Watch in the UK: Amazon Prime UK
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Battledream Chronicle

Directed by Alain Bidard

In the year 2100, humankind has achieved paradise — and seen it torn away from them.The last hope for liberty is a young woman named Syanna, whose true nature remains a secret even to her. Syanna will confront the fiercest fighters of Mortemonde, to kill the masters inside them — and the slave inside herself.

Watch here: CaribbeanTales-TV

Hit for Six

Directed by Alison Saunders

A talented but unreliable West Indies cricketer is blackballed for three years from playing with the national team. Desperate to win the respect of his estranged and critical father who is a former great West Indies player, he pursues an unlikely quest to regain his team status for a last chance to play in the Global One Day Series.

Watch here: CaribbeanTales-TV

Caribbean Skin African Identity

Mandisa Pantin

Examining the concept of African identity as it has evolved over the generations in Trinidad & Tobago, Pantin (Filmmaker) explores her own identity, using the Emancipation Day parade and its rituals as a starting point for her journey. Interviews with African-Caribbean people and scholars define and explain some of the complexities of race in this society.

Watch here: CaribbeanTales-TV

Orisha’s Journey (short)

Directed by Abdul Ndadi

Rooted in African myth, Orisha’s Journey is about a little girl and the power of imagination. Orisha, who doesn’t believe in fables finds herself in one. After meeting a flower spirit, she must journey though the world of spirits and the depths of her imagination to return the lost flower to the ‘Walking Forest!’

Watch here: CaribbeanTales-TV

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