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Future Sounds and Refugee Stories: Haitian Docs Rock at CTFF 2018

The CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF) 2018 will be held next month in Toronto, Canada and Redmangoreviews will be giving you dear reader a sneak peak into a few of the films. For our article today we will be checking out two of the Haitian short films to be featured.

Sound of the Future: Haiti

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Michael was so happy he brought his lightsaber to the concert.

When many people read the word “Haiti” images of rampant poverty and earthquake-devastated infrastructure come to mind. But this is not the Haiti in the spotlight in Sound of the Future: Haiti. And while the catastrophic January 2010 earthquake is mentioned this documentary focuses on Haitian international DJ and record producer Michael Brun, his tour of the musical scene in his native country and the importance of music to transforming the Caribbean nation and bringing its people together. This journey, directed by New York-based, New Zealand-born director Luke Versalko, is a bright, fast paced and refreshingly hopeful look at a country once known as “The Pearl of the Antilles.”

Haitian Chicken in Tijuana

Poster edac204108-poster
To Live and Die 2: Tijuana Tales. Your move Hollywood

This film should definitely get an award for one of the most interesting titles at CTFF 2018. But don’t be misled by the name; this is not a multi-cultural cooking documentary. In Haitian Chicken in Tijuana American comedic actor and Haitian charity campaigner Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Haitian actor Jimmy Jean-Louis (Heroes) visiting the thousands of Haitians living in the titular Mexican city.

And while Wilson is known for bringing the laughs (and he does add some moments of levity to the proceedings) this film is a sober look at Haitian refugees whose harrowing journeys to the United States have been aborted at the border and by stringent immigration policies of the current US administration. The separation of families, the depressed living conditions and the high crime of Tijuana mix together in a melting pot of frustration and despair. But within that grave situation there are also acts of  charity and, most importantly, an impressive resilience shown by the Haitian people.

Sound of the Future: Haiti, Haitian Chicken in Tijuana and a number of other great films can be viewed at CTFF 2018 which is being held from September 5-20 in Toronto, Canada. For tickets and further information on the CTFF click here.

And for a look at the dramatic short Accidentals which is also being featured at CTFF 2018 you can click here.

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