The CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF) 2018 will be held next month in Toronto, Canada and Redmangoreviews will be giving you dear reader a sneak peak into a few of the films. For our article today we will be checking out five of the short films to be featured.

Ariane’s Sky


When an asteroid threatens Earth an elderly woman comes up with a wildly creative way to save the day. Victor Jeanneret’s animated short has beautiful animation and an imaginative story that will delight viewers young and old.



Director Sabrina Naz-Comanescu craftily uses colour, imagery, editing effects and, most of all, some pretty funky choreography in this wildly creative film. Bonum is literally poetry in motion and, like all great poetry, will speak a different message depending on the viewer.

C’est Moi


What happens when the blood spilt in a centuries-old injustice seeps through to the present day? Wha happens when a ghost of the past reflects on the sins of the now? With striking imagery and deep narration director Howard J. Davis tells a cautionary tale about the pervasive evil of racism.

Hearts of Steel


On the surface Gayle Wilmot’s documentary Hearts of Steel is the story of Canadian in the steelpan band JK Pan Vibrations and their preparations for a pan competition. Beneath the surface it is a tale of an ethnically and religiously diverse group of young people with heritages as diverse as Caribbean, Egyptian and Chilean being brought together as a family and experiencing the majesty of this Trinidadian musical instrument. And the infectious music will likely have viewers dancing and singing along as well.

Three Days in July


Our final Short is the live-action drama Three Days in July directed by Kit Weyman. The film stars Jonathan Keltz and Tiffany Lightly as a mixed-race couple dealing with an unwanted pregnancy and discussing the incidence of racially-motivated shootings by police. The duo deliver robust performances in this timely and resonant tale.

These five short films and a lot more can be viewed at CTFF 2018 which is being held from September 5-20 in Toronto, Canada. For tickets and further information on the CTFF click here.

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