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From Dirt is a work of art – A RedMango Review

From Dirt is a work of art (Curaçao)

Redmangoreviews in its partnership CaribbeanTales-TV is shining a light on Caribbean women of film this month with its collection 30 Days of Women Filmmakers. For this article we will be looking at the 2016 short film From Dirt by Netherlands Antilles Curaçao director Hester Jonkhout.

Hester photo
From Dirt Director Hester Jonkhout. Photo courtesy ttfilmfestival

From the opening scene of From Dirt the viewer is struck by stunning imagery of the two characters in a dark, sandy area. The black actor (Reuel Rogers) and white actress (Nina Fischer) are covered with sand themselves in a primordial, birth-like setting. The film features no dialogue and the story is told through a variety of dance in various, eye popping settings. The cinematography is simply breathtaking and the choreography expertly done. There is one scene in an old house where Rogers lifts himself in a window area and moves his legs, leaving but not leaving.

From Dirt 2
A scene from From Dirt. That is a lot of froms.

The story seems to be the different stages of a romantic relationship or different types of romantic relationships; in art these things are open to interpretation. And From Dirt truly is a work of art with its gorgeous locations and powerful dance sequences which skillfully express violence, joy and passion. Now a film without dialogue and told through the medium of dance may seem art house or artsy fartsy to some but From Dirt is a beautiful, wonderful experience of a film which I unreservedly recommend.

For more from 30 Days of Women Filmmakers you can check out my review of the HIV documentary Invisible here. And to view From Dirt or any of the other films in the collection at Caribbean Tales-TV you can click here

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