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French TV Film Directed by French Guiana Filmmaker



Loosely written and compiled from the facebook posts and pages of filmmaker Marc Barrat – August 10, 2019, French Guiana:


France Zobda and Jean Lou Monthieux producers of Eloa Productions in Paris have been fighting for 15 years to have French TV films made in the French department territories by local filmmakers to infuse more diversity on French national television.

Last year in 2019 well known French Guiana filmmaker, Marc Barrat, who has screened a film with CaribbeanTales Int’l Film Festival, directed one such film, “Murder in Cayenne”  (“Meurtre à Cayenne”) for France 3.   The project is part of a series of 90-minute detective films that take place in different French regions…

See Links to its story synopsis, shooting on set, film stills, clips, Producer interview, Producer company and experience photos below:

Director Marc Barrat (center) on set during filming and with starring actors from  ‘Murder in Cayenne’ at its Paris screening 


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