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Filmmakers Benefit from Toronto Incubator

                             Filmmaker Gabrielle Blackwood


October 22, 2019 by Ron Fanfair

Just before midnight on the first day of September 62 years ago, a train returning with Sunday excursionists to Kingston from Montego Bay, crashed in Kendal, a small community in the parish of Manchester.

Jamaica’s worst rail disaster claimed 192 lives, the majority of them church parishioners from Holy Name Society of St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Church.

Through her father Seymour Blackwood who is a photographer, award-winning director Gabrielle Blackwood learnt about the tragedy a few years ago.

“The story was passed down to him from the paternal grandfather I never knew and I started to think, ‘Why is this story not on screen and why are we as Caribbean filmmakers mostly producing stories about sun, sea and sand?’,” she said… SEE LINK TO READ MORE:


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