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Dancehall’s Asian Ambassadors – a Was D Scene review

For my latest review, I talk about the delightful, inspirational Jamaican documentary “Dancehall’s Asian Ambassadors”, the headlining film for the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival’s Redemption Song night on September 19th 2018 at the Royal Cinema in Toronto.


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JOIN THE OFFICIAL “WAZ D SCENE” MAILING LIST HERE: http://mindofkhan.us15.list-manage.co…

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Matthew Bailey is an assistant film producer, video editor and social media manager at Diamond Films Limited, an independent video production company in Trinidad. He is the host of "Waz D Scene", a vlog show on the Diamond Films Limited YouTube channel, where he reviews movies, albums, music videos and movie trailers.

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‘Nothing, nothing is strange, in the life of a man bound for change.’ (Leroy Calliste / Black Stalin Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago)


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