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Julien Neaves

I am a writer, journalist and TV/Movie blogger. I write about Hollywood, a little Cariwood (emerging Caribbean cinema) and whatever else tickles my fancy. If reading my work is not enough Julien for you (which is perfectly understandable) then you can also check out my video series “MovieVille” on Facebook where things get really crazy!

Life’s bumpy road in Accidentals: CTFF 2018 Spotlight

Alysia Simone

AlysiaSimone is the founding editor of RewindAndComeAgain.com, an online publication that explores the intersection of Caribbean and American culture and it’s impact on Diaspora lives. Find her work on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram under the handle @RACAblog

Deep End – A RACA Review

Wayne Rock

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Future Sounds and Refugee Stories: Haitian Docs Rock at CTFF 2018


I retired as Public Affairs Specialist/Information Adviser at the U.S. Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica in 2012. I am British by birth, married to a Jamaican with a son living in London. I have lived on this amazing island for 30 years. I am currently a Director of the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, the Natural History Museum of Jamaica and the Farquharson Institute for Public Affairs. My interests and pursuits are creative writing, reading (especially international fiction), environmental issues (bird-watching is a real passion), art, music (I am "wired" for rock but also love jazz and classical), and indie films from around the world. And Arsenal Football Club.

Kingston Paradise: More Than Another “Ghetto Film”

Matthew Bailey

Matthew Bailey is an assistant film producer, video editor and social media manager at Diamond Films Limited, an independent video production company in Trinidad. He is the host of "Waz D Scene", a vlog show on the Diamond Films Limited YouTube channel, where he reviews movies, albums, music videos and movie trailers.

Battledream: A New Beginning Presents a Digital Nightmare (Martinique)

Timmia Hearn

Timmia Hearn, (Theatre Studies B.A., Yale) is a theatre and film developer, and gender rights activist. She was a founding member of the Trinidad and Tobago PRIDE Arts Festival, former Director of the School for the Arts at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, the Caribbean’s oldest theatre company, and former Marketing Manager at the CaribbeanTales International Film Festival. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Theater Studies at the University of Kansas, where her research focuses on Caribbean theater practice, exploring how to use this practice in community-oriented and social change focused theater across the Diasporas to which she belongs.

Review of Opening Night Shorts at CTFF: Black Doll and Queen of Hearts

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