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CaribbeanTales Film Festival Puts a Spotlight On Marginalized Groups Around the Globe

Among the films: Award-Winning Documentary Right Now I Want to Scream, Madan Sara, Fireburn and Forgotten Boys

(Toronto,ON) –CaribbeanTales International Film Festival (CTFF) is now available for viewing
on the Video-On-Demand platform CaribbeanTales-TV (CT-TV) “The themes and content of
these films really shed light on the struggles faced by marginalized Caribbean communities
around the world,” says Festival Director Diana Webley. “A film like Right Now I Want to
Scream, which has won numerous awards, gives a voice to a community that is often unheard
and makes clear some of the parallels in how these people are treated here in Canada and
around the world.”

CTFF 2021 runs from September 8th to 24th with more than 50 short and feature films of
livestream entertainment available on demand. With 13 themes, here are a few standout films
and directors available for media screening and interviews:

Right Now I Want to Scream: Police and Army Killings in Rio – The Brazil Haiti
Directed by Cahal McLaughlin and Siobhan Wills (UK – 2021)

This heartbreaking, eye-opening documentary tells the story of eight year-old Agatha
Felix who was shot and killed by police in Rio De Janeiro. The film gives a voice to the
marginalised Black communities of Cité Soleil and Rio to share their experiences and
critiques of public safety policies by the Bolsonaro government and by UN peacekeeping
troops in Haiti, under Brazilian military command. Right Now I Want to Scream won a
Spotlight Silver award at the Spotlight Documentary Awards in 2020 and an Award of
Merit at the Impact Doc Awards in 2020.

Madan Sara DocumentaryDirected by Etant Dupain (Hati 2020)

This feature film tells the story of the women who work tirelessly to make Haiti’s
economy run. Though they face innumerable challenges working in a sector that lacks
infrastructure and state assistance, these women financially support their families and
are essentially the backbone of Hatian society.Click here for the full Caribbeantales Film Festival programme.

FireburnDirected by Joel Fendelman (US/UVI – 2020)

Though the Fireburn is little known outside the Virgin Islands, it was a crucial event in
US, Caribbean, and African Diaspora history. This documentary explores the inhumane
conditions that existed prior to the labor revolt and the incredible women who fought
against it. These women were called ‘Queens’ in their community due to their bravery
and leadership. Interviews with historians and cultural ambassadors as well as folklore,
art and history surrounding the Fireburn help to paint the picture of this important
historical event.

Forgotten Boys Directed by Alexandra Warner – (Trinidad & Tobago 2020)

This documentary tells the story of three young men who participated in a prison based
English class and debate team in Trinidad. This is the first part of a docuseries
committed to giving voices to stigmatized and misrepresented people in the Caribbean.

Click here for the full Caribbeantales Film Festival programme.

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Media Contact: Fennella Bruce | 647.290.7610 |
Adanna Taylor |

About CaribbeanTales International Film Festival

CaribbeanTales Film Festival (CTFF) celebrates the talents of established and emerging
filmmakers of Caribbean heritage who practise their art across the Caribbean Diaspora and
worldwide. CTFF presents a multi-ethnic mix of exciting and dynamic films that showcase
diverse and shared stories and cultures. CTFF is produced by Caribbean Tales Inc., a registered Canadian charity. The company’s mandate is to foster and encourage intercultural understanding and racial equality, through the creation, marketing and distribution of film, programs, events, and projects that reflect the
diversity and creativity of Caribbean heritage and culture.

About CaribbeanTales Media Group

CaribbeanTales Media Group ( CTMG) is a multifaceted group of media companies that
produces, market, and sells culturally diverse film and television content from the Caribbean and
its wide Diaspora.

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