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Caribbean Born Actor Co-Stars In Spike Lee Movie

Guyanese born, US-based actor, Ron Bobb Semple, is co-starring in ‘See You Yesterday,’ sci-fi drama produced b y Lee’s 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks.

By newsamericas -December 19, 2018

A NAN First By NAN Staff Writer 

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs, Dec. 20, 2018: A Caribbean-born actor who has achieved fame for his one-man role as Marcus Garvey, will be part of a Spike Lee-produced film set to be released next year on Netflix.

Guyanese born, US-based actor, Ron Bobb Semple, is co-starring in ‘See You Yesterday,’ a sci-fi drama produced by Lee’s 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks.

“See You Yesterday” follows C.J. and Sebastian (Eden-Duncan Smith and Dante Crichlow), two black teenage scientists who build a time machine in the hopes of using it to save C.J.’s brother from being wrongfully killed by a cop.

Bobb-Semple told News Americas exclusively Wednesday that he plays the role of Nigel, the Guyanese-born grandfather of CJ who holds firmly to his Guyanese accent.

The film’s director, Stefon Bristol, is also of Guyanese heritage. He is Lee’s long-time NYU Graduate Film School protégé and is making his directorial debut on the film. While at NYU, Bristol helmed five films including the Cine Golden Eagle Award winner ‘The Bodega.’ Lee, a long-time mentor, awarded Stefon with the 2016 Spike Lee Production Grant for ‘See You Yesterday,’ which was shot in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

“It was a good experience,” Bobb-Semple told NAN. “Not only to work on a production by Lee but to work with this young man (Bristol,) whose vision includes Caribbean history and ancestry.” “I’m looking forward for its release. “I think it was well written and it’s timely as it touches on the whole issues of Black Lives Matter. It was a pleasure being involved.”

“I started this project when Mike Brown and Eric Gardner were murdered. That was in 2014. And we are still dealing with deadly police misconduct. I made this film because I don’t want the conversation on police brutality to slow down,” Bristol said in a statement.

“‘See You Yesterday’ is genre-blending and entertaining,” added the film’s co-writer Fredrica Bailey. “But it also brings attention to the very real issue of police brutality. And it does it through the eyes of two young amazing black scientific geniuses–I’m excited to see such unique characters on screen.”

Guyanese singer Courtney Noel is also in the movie with a minor role as a dominoes player.
Meanwhile, his niece, FBI Star Ebonée Noel, plays Kristen Chazal, a smart tech savvy analyst in the new CBS gripping 13-episode drama.

Bobb-Semple is also known for roles in ‘Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor’ (2013), ‘Truth’ (2007) and ‘Lost Money’ (2003).

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